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Graphic Novels to Chapter Books 
2 Hour Mini Course

Is your child frustrated reading anything besides graphic novels?  
Let us help!
During this brainstorm session, you will learn some reasons why it is difficult for some kids to make the transition from books with pictures to chapter books. 

You will walk away with downloadables and several practical strategies to support your child in this journey, including:

-Several approaches to help your child figure out challenging words

-Teaching them to create their own mental pictures when they read

-Helping them build fluency, as well as mental stamina for the longer texts they will see in upper grades

-Ways to help them mentally interact with the text and reinforce higher level thinking skills

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 27 over Zoom!
Time: 12:00 PST, 2:00 Central Time (replays available if you can't make it)
Cost $27

Sign up below and then look for your confirmation email with the link to the Zoom room.
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