Be confident that what you are teaching is the most streamlined and efficient way to teach your child to read!

"When I know exactly where my kiddo is, preparing for his reading lesson becomes the easiest part of my day because I know where to go next and I can trust that what I am teaching is the most effective use of our time together."

Let’s go on a journey together to better understand where your child is in the reading process and transform the learning experience.

Our Reader Assessment Package includes 5 sessions one-on-one working with your child, depending on the age and attention of the child. 
In these sessions...

1) We will meet with you to learn what you already know about your child as a learner.

2) We will thoroughly assess every component of the reading process: phonological awareness, letters/sounds, directionality, and voice/print match (pre-reading skills for younger kids), sight words, decoding (sounding out), encoding (spelling), and comprehension strategies.

3) Next, we test different teaching program methods with your child to determine which ones your child is most receptive to.

4) Lastly, we conference with you to provide a comprehensive and wholistic view of your child as a reader based on parent input, child response to instruction and assessment results over multiple sessions.  This session is recorded for your convenience so that you can refer back to this feedback in the future.

Upon completion, you will leave with the confidence of knowing exactly what your child knows and what skills to focus on next. You will also be able to see your child respond to engaging, multi-sensory teaching methods you may not have previously considered.
When we teach kids exactly where they are, we collapse time so that each minute is powerful.

Get 5 Days of Exclusive Hands-On Training to Engage and Empower Your 1st Grader For FREE!!!

Meet Your Coaches

Shari Jensen

30 Years of Relevant Experience

  • Trained 100+ people to teach kids to read as the Instructional Coordinator for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Reading Clinic 
  • ​Teacher, Learning Specialist and Reading Interventionist since 1990, ages 4-50 (Colorado and Tennessee)
  • ​Reading Consultant: Partnering with parents by assessing child's reading level, creating lesson plans tailored to their child, modeling lessons, and observing parent teaching to provide positive feedback
  • ​Nashville, Tennessee, USA 303-898-2573

Experience With 
Learning Challenges

  • ​Dyslexia
  • ​Dysgraphia
  • ​Dyscalculia
  • ​Sensory Processing Disorder
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ​Cerebral Palsy
  • ​Downs Syndrome
  • ​Seizure Disorders

Rosemary Gin

20+ Years Relevant Experience

  • Orton-Gillinham Certified Dyslexia Reading Interventionist 
  • ​Homeschooled her 3 children, so she understands the challenges with being a homeschool mom
  • ​Teaching reading has always been her passion
  • ​Master’s degree in Elementary Education
  • ​Taught kindergarten – grade 2
  • ​Taught adult literacy in another language
  • ​Vancouver, B.C. Canada 778-319-4201

    See the difference partnering with us can make...
    Isaiah had no interest in learning to read until Erika purchased the 
    Reader Assessment Package and made some small tweaks in her lessons...

    Our Happy Clients!

    "Thank you so much for all that you have done for Andrew. You have gone above and beyond for him and for us. I have no words to tell you how grateful we are that you took the time to "see" Andrew and what he's capable of and how to unlock his potential. 
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
    -C.W. (Parent of a 1st grader)

    “In a short time Joel has learned so much with Shari and Rosemary. Their teaching is awesome. A couple of months before he didn’t even know 1 word and couldn’t read a book, but now he can read many books. If you want your kids to grow fast, parents who don’t have time to help them or if you don’t know how to teach them without stress, I recommend you to join these reading specialists.”
    -Rosmi Karki, mother of a Kindergartner
    "Thank you so incredibly much for all of the time you gave me this semester. After talking with you, I always walked away less stressed and with a clearer sense of what to do. You are one of those people that are a blessing to whoever you meet. Thank you for teaching me so much!"

    "Thank you so much for having me as a reading tutor this summer! I really enjoyed working here and I learned a lot. I really appreciated your time with me; your passion and dedication is evident." 

    "I used to be terrified before every tutoring session. Now it's the easiest part of my day."
    "Thank you for your guidance and support in reading clinic this semester! Your positivity, kindness, & support made this new learning adventure much less daunting. Thanks for all you do!"

    "Cassidee made leaps I never thought she could from one month ago! This means the absolute world to me. I’ve worked 1000’s of hours with her, struggling for six years. Even letters was a challenge. Phonics didn’t work for her! Every reading specialist out there has worked with her and made a few strides, but nothing like this! You are a complete gift from God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
    -Cherilyn Orr, mother of a 7th grader

    Time Sensitive: MRI results of several recent research studies revealed that kids’ brains are particularly primed for learning to read between kindergarten and 2nd grade. The more time that passes after this critical period, the more difficult learning to read becomes.  Sign up for our Reader Assessment Package to ensure that those foundational skills are being mastered today.  

    For Such A Time As This...

    Dear Moms,

    The onset of COVID has brought a new level of stress to most families.  Many who never considered homeschooling are choosing online or homeschooling methods as an alternative to the disheaval that school systems are encountering.  How much instructional

    With the onset of COVID, many of my friends and family have been talking about their frustration with having to teach when that’s not their area of expertise. I remember how frustrated and helpless I felt my 1st year teaching. But I also remember each year after that and getting more breakthrough with each new technique I learned. For the past 30 years, I’ve been in education as an Elementary School Teacher, Learning Specialist, and Reading Interventionist. In the past 5 years, I got the privilege to train over 100 people to teach reading, most with no prior experience. I would love to show you some things that have worked for me.

    5 Days To Read With Ease: Success With Sight Words gives your child the opportunity to learn a new technique over Zoom, practice this technique and then problem-solve roadblocks and celebrate victories in a safe, supportive private Facebook group. Talk about instant feedback!
    We hope to see you there!

    Creators of 5 Days to Read With Ease
    Rosemary Gin
    Shari Jensen
    Founder of Creatively Breaking Free
    11 Proven Techniques
    1) Lies vs Truths: Tangible Ways to Dismantle the “I can’t read” Negative Self-talk.
    2) Reinforcing a Growth Mindset
    3) Using Rocket Folders, a Revolutionary Way to Engage Kids with Sight Word Reinforcement
    4) The Power of Word Sorts to Teach Decoding
    5) Book Boxes That Reinforce, “I am a reader” Mindsets
    6) Making Easy, Personalized Books That are Exactly Where Your Child is
    7) How to Pick “Just Right” Books/ Books Your Child Will Actually Read Using Reading A to Z online.
    8) What Top Book Series are the Best for Each Reading Stage
    9) Using Smelly Markers and Story Ladders to Motivate Reluctant Writers

    10) Multi-sensory Methods for Teaching Letters/Sounds, Blends (cr, bl, nt), and Digraphs (th, sh) 
    11) Easy Ways to Reinforce Phonological Awareness (isolating sounds in words) to Enhance Reading/Spelling

    Potential Discussion Topics:  
    *Red flags to look for in dyslexia or language impairment
    *Managing perfection, learned helplessness, and other things that get in the way of reading success
    *Incentives/ways to motivate children to participate in the reading process as they go from “reading is work” to “reading is fun”
    *Ideas that have worked and things you think you've done really well in your parenting (the opportunity to celebrate YOU, Mom)!
    *And many more...
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